Every Animal Deserves a Chance

Founded by Dr Sam Kovac, Project HoPe is a compassionate fund providing medical treatment and care to the companion animals of Sydney’s rough sleepers (the homeless).

Established in October 2014, Project HoPe is the charitable arm of Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic, one of Sydney’s leading veterinary care providers.


The homeless and their four-legged friends share a unique bond, solely depending on one another for companionship and emotional support.

Often with no one else to lean on or to be responsible for them, these pets become the sole reason why the homeless stay off drugs and continue to have the will to live. By caring for these pets, we are not only helping the animal but are also helping the human who is deeply attached to them.


7 ways that project hope assists the community

Vaccination drives

Our staff drives through areas to have every pet of the homeless and underprivileged immunised against preventable diseases in community pets.


Through offering clients hostels and access to veterinary care.

Crisis Accommodation

Should a client require urgent hospitalisation or is looking for accommodation or boarding, we have facilities.

Pop-Up Clinics

Pop-up stalls at churches and community centres to offer medical check-ups and routine de-worming.


Food and routine preventative health care products (flea, mite, worm control) to those in need are distributed.

Advocacy and education

Project Hope communicates the importance of animals to those living with hardship. We have converted the Jewish House in Bondi Junction to a pet friendly shelter. Prior to this, there were few options for people trying to escape domestic violence situations if a pet was involved. There was no shelters that would accept them.

Compassionate fund

Donations cover the finance cost of medical and surgical fees if a pet is to fall ill, to allow our vets to perform life-saving diagnostics and treatment.