KC (Cool Kat)

KC (short for Kool Cat) was 8 years old when we met him. While David, his owner, had spotted a lump on his face about a year ago, he wasn’t able to pursue veterinary treatment for his beloved cat because of his poor financial condition.

This changed, however, when we met KC and David through a Pop-Up Clinic hosted by Project HoPe in partnership with Mission Australia and Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Sydney. The moment Dr Paige examined KC, she knew something was wrong! She immediately took some samples of the tumour and after careful examination recommended that the lump needed to be removed.

We are so happy to report that through your contributions to Project HoPe, and a generous donation by Dr Sam Kovac, we were able to cover the costs of surgery! Dr Zoe performed the surgery and with the tumour removed, KC had a full recovery.

Samantha Staffy

A while back, we helped Samantha, the staffy, through Project HoPe. Samantha had come into Southern Crossing Veterinary Clinic for a dental procedure, and since her owner was one of the street dwellers of Sydney, he did not have the finances to pay for her treatment and care.

Her dental required a round of radiographs and scaling and polishing of her teeth. Luckily, we were able to provide care through Project HoPe.


Bobby Cat

The Newtown community noticed Bobby on the street, not being able to eat anything on his own, and took him to our clinic where he received immediate care.

After a series of health checks, we noticed he had a horrible dental disease/injury and needed urgent attention. He would paw at his mouth and be hesitant to eat at times. Bobby got a few major extractions and required lots of pain relief to make him comfortable and pain-free.

We are so grateful to be living in such a community that came forward to raise funds and assist in covering some of his costs of surgery. Project HoPe covered the rest of the cost to ensure he gets the best treatment possible!

Mumsie and Cat Colony in Waterloo 

We were able to provide assistance to help a dedicated individual provide dental care to one of the cats from a Cat Colony she takes care of. The cat in question, named Mumsie, was suffering from severe dental pain and struggling to chew her food. Mumsie required urgent dental surgery, and we are pleased that we could contribute through Project HoPe. 

The caregiver is currently looking after 26 cats in her neighborhood, ensuring they are spayed or neutered and many of them are wearing collars. She diligently attends to their dietary needs, deworming, and vaccinations all by herself. With the support of Peter, who has been assisting twice a day for two years with dry kibble, and now with the involvement of Project HoPe, she aspires to provide care to these cats for an extended period. 

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